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"As a Ward 7 Resident, What Matters To You, Matters To Me."

- Connie Cody

Community Safety

Striving toward a SAFER and better community for all ages in all wards.

Fiscal Responsibility

Respecting the taxpayer and providing a city that is sustainable and that works for you.

Positive Drug Crisis Solutions

Advocating solutions that lead to education, prevention, long-term rehabilitation and on-demand treatment for addiction recovery while respecting community safety.

Affordable Housing

Many are homeless or soon will be, as the cost of living and taxes exceed income levels. We need to ensure that changes are made that are right for Cambridge.

Public Transportation

Advocate for cost effective, efficient and accessible public transportation that meets the service needs of Ward 7 residents.

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible stewardship and supporting climate resiliency by addressing litter and waste reduction initiatives.


Safety First

Advocating for solutions to the many crime related issues facing Cambridge while never sacrificing your safety and that of your family, home, and livelihood.

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Experience Matters

For many years, I’ve been actively engaged as a community based volunteer, delegating at council, and volunteering on an Advisory Committee for the City of Cambridge. This involvement has prepared me with a strong foundation to “hit the ground running” as your next Councillor.

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Thank you for your decision to run

One might come across many politicians and want to be politicians in their life for variety of reasons. Only few… Read more “Thank you for your decision to run”

Prakash Venkataraman
Local Entrepreneur and International Businessman

I encourage residents here to vote for her

Connie is extremely dedicated to the community. She has the skills and ability to stand strongly in support of her community. … Read more “I encourage residents here to vote for her”

Peter Tudisco
Owner Buon Vino, Cambridge

Connie would make a remarkable Councillor

I would like to offer my endorsement to, Connie Cody, who is running for Ward 7 Councillor in Cambridge Ontario.… Read more “Connie would make a remarkable Councillor”

Kayla Andrade
President, Ontario Landlords Watch

knowledgeable advocate for what’s right for taxpayers

Connie is a knowledgeable advocate for what’s right for taxpayers, seniors and youth. She is approachable and genuinely committed to… Read more “knowledgeable advocate for what’s right for taxpayers”

Ben Tucci
Former Cambridge City Councillor