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Key Issues

Council is accountable to YOU. That means full transparency and engaging the community to allow the greatest level of involvement possible. Effective communication has the power to listen, encourage open communication and build trust.

Residents elect an individual to be their voice that will consider the well-being and interests of the entire community. As your Councillor, I will continue to work towards an effective communication strategy to ensure information is shared with Ward 7 residents and to host local Town Hall meetings in an open forum.

Public Safety

This is of utmost importance to me. Solutions are a shared responsibility where we need to look at an integrated approach. We can work together on all levels to develop a joint plan to address the root causes, focus on prevention and address a collective goal.

As crime is increasing significantly in our city, so are the concerns of our residents regarding their safety and that of their families, homes, and businesses.

This concern is why I support the initiative of foot patrols in the downtown cores, the assembly of the Robbery Team and the increased funding of community oriented response teams.

I am committed to working collaboratively to develop Cambridge focused plans that encourage a community environment where everyone not only feels safe, but is safe.

Positive Drug Crisis Solutions

Education, Prevention and Rehabilitation is what will save lives and be a “win-win” for both the person in need and the community.

This is a complex, multi faceted issue and I do not support a CTS (drug consumption/injection site) anywhere in our city as they do not deliver what I would consider to be a solution. We need a solution that will protect the community as a whole while providing care to those in need.

Our neighbourhoods are seeing an increase in homelessness from mental illness and addiction. We need to ensure that individuals suffering from addiction or mental illness are looked at individually. Their specific needs must be assessed correctly so that they have access to appropriate integrated systems of care, education and/or rehabilitation. 

We have to work together with all levels of government for more effective and efficient solutions, as the current ones are failing to meet the desired outcome of reducing the issues. By providing on-demand and long term services for lasting recovery from addiction, we will arrive at a more positive solution.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking a very real concern in our community. Our proximity to the 401 highway has elevated the Region’s occurrences greatly.

Our children, families and vulnerable members are important to us. I will continue to advocate for awareness, education, intervention and supports to all those affected by Human Trafficking.

I plan to inspire action that prioritizes direct assistance and support initiatives that ensure our community has the resources it needs to address it.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is in short supply and high demand. Many are homeless, or soon will be, as the cost of living and taxes exceed income levels. The current programs need to be reviewed to ensure that changes are made that are right for Cambridge.

I will continue with my advocacy at all levels of government to discuss the much needed changes to inefficient processes and policies that open up opportunities for affordable housing.

Secondary suites provide tremendous benefits, but may also present some challenges with zoning regulations and by-laws. Suites have the ability to offer affordable housing without the use of government subsidies.

As a municipality we can create innovative strategies for secondary suites and multi-generational housing initiatives, as well consider adopting property tax policies that promote affordable housing.

Road Safety

Safety on our roads is a shared concern throughout our city. Road safety awareness can be increased by re-educating drivers about traffic rules and safe driving through promotion and participation in small programs like Safer Roads Challenge. Understanding the root causes of road safety issues prompts interventions to tackle them.

Pedestrian safety, especially at two-lane roundabouts, needs to have efficient safety measures as we continue to create denser and walkable communities.

Roundabouts are proven to lessen injuries in accidents and move traffic more efficiently, however, roundabouts present unique challenges to safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and even more so of a barrier to those with disabilities.

I will continue with my advocacy to ensure roundabouts are safe for all.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility means bringing a new and balanced approach to governance. Tax increases significantly above the rate of inflation and above a person’s ability to pay, continue to threaten the livelihood of the city and its residents. This is not sustainable.

We need to focus on core city services and infrastructure and look at successful solutions. Working together with council and staff to remove inefficiencies and improve processes, while being mindful of and respecting the taxpayer to provide a city that works for you.

Environmental Sustainability

This is important in maintaining a healthy community to provide the clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment that allows us to live a better and healthier quality of life.

Litter is a growing concern for communities. Reducing, reusing, recycling and composting our waste, uses fewer natural resources and provides a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Blue box “blow outs” that are a result of windy weather are one of the top contributors to community litter. The Cambridge Environmental Advisory Committee, where I am a member, are advocating for improvements to this program. The Ministry of the Environment has also launched a multi-stage public consultation process on the transition of the Blue Box program to full producer responsibility.

Encouraging changes to policies and programs will help us deal with our waste in a way that is safe for the environment and for our health.


Community is about everyone, and our city is one of great care and compassion. As a community, we all matter. Our great city is unique and we need to protect our heritage, be sustainable in the present and prepare for the future of our city while exploring the opportunities that nurture sustainable growth.

Our youth need the right mix of skills and opportunities to be well-equipped in their path forward that comes with involvement in the community, sports and extra-curricular activities. I will continue to support initiatives for our aging community so seniors can stay active, healthy and safe.

I am committed to working collaboratively with all levels of government to build a city with a high quality of life, sustainable infrastructure, healthy ecosystems and strong public services.