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knowledgeable advocate for what’s right for taxpayers

Connie is a knowledgeable advocate for what’s right for taxpayers, seniors and youth. She is approachable and genuinely committed to governing for the betterment of community. Connie’s continued strong engagement at City Hall and in the community means she can hit the ground running on day one of her term.

Ben Tucci
Former Cambridge City Councillor

Thank you for your decision to run

One might come across many politicians and want to be politicians in their life for variety of reasons. Only few of them have real compassion, honesty, integrity, passion, morals, and genuinely care for the people with knowledge, with out fear or ulterior motives to advance self. No matter how many that gets put in to run for Cambridge Ward 7 bi-election, Connie Cody is the best in my humble opinion, with my years of community interactions with her.

She has successfully finished in the second place during last year ward 7 general election. Now, she hopes to get her righteous place in the horse shoe with the ground support. All the very best Connie! May the people of ward 7 vote in March 2020 with confidence that you are the best rightful choice. No wonder you have genuine support of many long time active people on the ground! Thank you for your decision to run, get in there to be the strong voice and continue to be as good, neutral, and bold!

Prakash Venkataraman
Local Entrepreneur and International Businessman

Connie would make a remarkable Councillor

I would like to offer my endorsement to, Connie Cody, who is running for Ward 7 Councillor in Cambridge Ontario. “Efficient” is the word that comes to mind when I think of her. Connie expertly filled the volunteer role of a housing advocate, where she has assisted us for the past few years in our advocacy for housing solutions.

Connie has a deep understanding of municipal policies that effect housing and the creativity of creating solutions to help correct the housing crisis. She has the compassion, the knowledge, the work ethic and many years of community involvement and advocacy to be a strong and experienced voice on council. She listens to differing points of views to reach reasonable conclusions. Connie earns my highest recommendation and there is no doubt in my mind that Connie would make a remarkable Councillor.

Kayla Andrade
President, Ontario Landlords Watch

I encourage residents here to vote for her

Connie is extremely dedicated to the community. She has the skills and ability to stand strongly in support of her community.  I believe she is the right person to represent Ward 7. I encourage residents here to vote for her.

Peter Tudisco
Owner Buon Vino, Cambridge